Andrew Scott Bell has been writing original music for films and commercial media since 2009. His music has brought life to more than 50 productions, and has premiered in nine different countries across the world.


"The main theme from Andrew Scott Bell's Deathcember score may be the catchiest tune I've heard all year. It pops into my head and I find myself humming it CONSTANTLY!"

– Matt DeTurck, Anomaly Film Festival

“The Vicious does much of it's storytelling through subtle physical cues and a score that explores the full breadth of textures it can elicit from a scant ensemble of violins and bass. A steady pizzicato underlies an anxious standoff to emulate a beating heart which then gives way to a restless onslaught of frenzied bowing as the truly insidious nature of this encounter is revealed.”     

– Brian Tull, HorrorBuzz

“The score from Andrew Scott Bell is also an 80's throwback... The synthy-goodness of Foxwood's score brings up fun nostalgia and fits the film perfectly.” 

– Michael Klug, Horror Freak News

“Andrew is a devilishly handsome composer.”

– Anonymous, but definitely not written by himself


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.