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It is a great pleasure to introduce my dear friend, Andrew Scott Bell.  Andrew is somewhat of an anomaly these days - as, in addition to being a brilliant artist, he is also very kind, collaborative, and professional.


Andrew’s creativity is seemingly boundless to me - as he is both a great technical innovator as well as a passionate musical traditionalist.  His profound academic background in traditional orchestration and classical composition informs the backbone of his contemporary style.  But while Andrew has long studied the world’s greatest composers and understands what makes their work important and memorable, he also seeks to expand his sonic palette in inventive and powerful ways.  He plays numerous instruments (keys, guitar, violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, drums, and hand percussion) and creates many unique and interesting sonic textures performing and recording them live in his studio.


Andrew has a highly sought after talent for being able to drive the audience’s emotions wherever the director wishes to take them.  Whether via misdirection, foreshadowing, reminiscence, or sheer blunt force, Andrew’s music creates moods that greatly enhance a film’s viewing experience.


I feel very fortunate to be both Andrew’s close friend and manager. He is a wonderful, down to earth fellow you’d be equally comfortable with discussing great composers and film scores or simply enjoying an evening out.



Michael Rosen

President, Megatrend Management

Film Composer Andrew Scott Bell at the Piano (Black and White)


"[Andrew is] a composer that not only can elevate, enhance, and fully support a project, but a composer that is also in short able to write a good tune."

– Jon Mansell, Movie Music International

"The main theme from Andrew Scott Bell's Deathcember score may be the catchiest tune I've heard all year. It pops into my head and I find myself humming it CONSTANTLY!"

– Matt DeTurck, Anomaly Film Festival

“The Vicious does much of it's storytelling through subtle physical cues and a score that explores the full breadth of textures it can elicit from a scant ensemble of violins and bass. A steady pizzicato underlies an anxious standoff to emulate a beating heart which then gives way to a restless onslaught of frenzied bowing as the truly insidious nature of this encounter is revealed.”     

– Brian Tull, HorrorBuzz

“Andrew is a devilishly handsome composer.”

– Anonymous, but definitely not written by himself


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